Suppliers of Pharmacy Compounding Chemicals, Supplies & Equipment

Compounding Equipment & Supplies

Compounding Equipment & Supplies

Bella Corp is committed to supplying our Compounding Customers with the supplies and equipment needed to produce the highest quality compounds for their patients. We can source most equipment lines and strive to offer these at the most competitive prices. Delivery times for these sourced lines can vary as items are shipped out of the USA. Bella Corp also carries a range of Apparel including Lab coats, Shoe Covers, Gloves, Moldex Masks etc.

Compounding Equipment

Bella Corp are stockists of:

Bottles and Accessories

We stock a varied range including:

Droptainers – Sterile 7ml & 15ml and Non-Sterile 15ml & 30ml

Opaque Bottles and caps 30ml, 60ml and 120ml

Glass Boston Amber Bottles 60ml and Graduated Dropper

Adapta-Caps –  click here for Adapta-Cap sizing template

Seal-Safe bottle cap
SealSafe bottle adapter
Press In bottle adapter
Universal bottle adapter

Exakt 50 Classic Ointment Mill
Hot Plate Digital Stirrer

Hot Plate Stirrer IKA C-Mag HS7 and IKA C-Mag HS10

The most reputable brand on the market, the IKA brand supports these important features:

  • Powerful motor for stirring quantities of up to 10 litres (HS7) and 15 litres (HS10)
  • Plate Dimensions 7″x7″ or 180mm x 180MM (HS7). 10″x10″ or 200mm x 200mm (HS10)
  • Fixed safety circuit of 550 degrees centigrade
  • Hot surface warning
  • LED display for exact temperature settings

IKA C-Mag HS7 information sheet       IKA C-Mag HS10 information sheet

Click here for Hot plate IKA C-Mag manual

Lollipop Moulds and Sticks

Aluminium lollipop mould. 36 cavity. Stick, bags and ties also available.

Mortar and Pestle

Bella Corp stock a wide range of glass and ceramic mortar and pestles. Range of sizes available.

Nasal and Throat Sprays



We stock a range of Spray Bottles with metered pump and various attachments for nasal and throat uses. Each metered dose is 0.1ml

pH Meters

Convenient pH Testing  
We stock two Ohaus models with varying resolution and accuracy, ST10 and ST20 offer a convenient way to measure pH, or the relative acidity or alkalinity of a sample at a given temperature. The pH pen meters can be completely operated with just one hand, freeing up your other hand to handle samples.

Ohaus pH Meters information sheet

ProFill Capsule Machines, Parts and Accessories
Scales – Ohaus Portable and Precision Balances

Reference Chart of the Scales we stock

Ohaus Scout Portable Balances – Click here for informational PDF

  • Our budget-range Scales, ideal for laboratory and industrial applications requiring superior overload protection, multiple weighing units and application modes
  • Large backlit LCD display  and simple 4 button controls
  • A fast stabilization of 1.5 seconds, with optional AC or battery power make this an extremely versatile scale
  • We stock model SPX223, with a capacity of 220g and readability of 0.001 (3 place) and model SPX 422 with a capacity of 420g and readability of 0.01 (2 place).  Other models are available with notice.

Ohaus Adventurer Precision Balance – Click here for informational PDF

  • Our mid-range Scale, offering unsurpassed value and reliability
  • Simple to use and delivering accurate results
  • Automatic calibration on some models
  • Full-size draftshield with removable doors for easy access and cleaning
  • Easy-to-use balance software
  • We stock model AX523, with a capacity of 520g and 0.001g (3 place) readability.  A NMI (trade) approved model is also available.  More models are available with notice.

Ohaus Explorer Precision Balance – Click here for informational PDF

  • Our high-end Scale, ideal for large applications requiring simple, accurate operation and GLP/GMP data capabilities
  • Automatic internal calibration feature; self-calibrates when it senses a temperature change
  • Full-size draftshield with removable doors for easy access and cleaning
  • Large side entry allows for weighing of large weigh boats
  • Modular design features a colour touch display that can be separated from weighing base
  • We currently stock model EX423 with 420g capacity and 0.001g (3 place) readability.  More models are available with notice.

Spatulas, Beakers and Cylinders


Beakers – Pyrex Griffin Beakers  – a range of various capacities is available in regular and heavy duty Pyrex.

Cylinders – Glass single scale, Total Delivered. Capacity range from 5ml to 1,000ml.

Spatulas – Hardwood handle and stainless steel blades, plus we stock micro spatulas and disposable smartSpatula.
Solid Glass Stirring Rods

Suppository Moulds/Disposable Shells
Outer layer is PVC and inner layer is polyethylene.

Bella Corp stock BAXA, BD and Luer Lock Syringes in both amber and clear.
Latex free
Tip caps included
Sizes range from 1ml to 20ml

Stockist of Glass double scale Thermometers and Digital Waterproof Shockproof Thermometers.
Topi-Click Dispensers
Topi-Click Dispensers – metered cream/gel dispenser for volumes of 5ml to 35ml

Each quarter turn (one complete click) dispenses a consistent metered volume of 0.25ml
UV block is embedded into plastic to protect light sensitive topical
Helps to improve compliance through ease of use.

Filling instructions available

Topi-Click Micro  – is the revolutionary way to accurately and easily micro-dose topical medications for humans and pets.  With 3 applicator styles to choose from it offers customised dosing.  Each turn/click of the base dispenses 0.05ml of topical medication.  Click here for more information

Topi-CLICK PERL Vaginal Dosing Kit



A revolutionary new vaginal dosing system that is comfortable, easy to use and accurate, allowing 0.25ml to be dispensed per click.

Filling instructions available

Topi-Pump Dispensers

Topi-Pump Dispenser with Actuator, airless metered dosing pump for topical creams, gels or liquid.
Available in both 1ml and 0.5ml actuator sizes
Complete system with housing, actuator and overcap
Dispenses within 0.7% of stated volume per pump
Design allows for greater than 90% evacuation of product

Filling instructions available

Troche Molds

30 Cavity troche mold with cover included

Tubes and Sealers
Stockists of IMPAK Ointment Tube Sealer (220V single element) and plastic heat sealable tubes.
Unguator Machines
We stock the Gako brand Unguator EMP Machine, (recommended for batch sizes from 15ml to 500ml), and the Gako brand Unguator Pro Machine (for batch sizes from 15ml to 2,000ml).

Unguator Mixing jars and accessories

Bella Corp stock a wide range of Unguator mixing jars. Various sizes and colours available.

We also stock Unguator mixing blades in all sizes, as well as disposable blades and Unguator varionozzles.

Waring Blender Standard Base Unit

Two speed blender/pulveriser
Compatible with up to 1 litre containers
120V, 50/60 Hz, 3.6 amps (requires 500 Watt Step Up and Down Power Transformer to convert from 120V to 240V)
One year manufacturer’s warranty

Waring Blender Containers
Dry Pulveriser Container – Stainless Steel 75gm dry capacity

Dry Blending Container – Stainless Steel 500ml approx working capacity

Liquid Blending Container – Stainless Steel 1 litre capacity

Weigh Boats
Flexible weigh boats, ideal for controlled pour-off. Small, medium and large. Pkt 500