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Specials / Promotions / Clearance

Specials / Promotions / Clearance

Here at Bella Corp, we strive to meet the changing demands of our compounding customers. Therefore we are proud to announce these exciting new additions to our product range:


Exciting new product

 THYROID POWDER USP 1kg, 500g & 100g  … AVAILABLE  NOW !!


 *  P.E.A (Palmitoyletanolamide)…. 1kg, 5kg, 10kg


The revolutionary new way to accurately and easily micro-dose topical medications for humans and pets.  With 3 applicator styles to choose from it offers customised dosing.  Each turn/click of the base dispenses 0.05ml of topical medication.  Click here for more information



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We regularly offer unbelievable savings on products with short expiration dating.