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Bella Corp Trading offers an unparalleled selection of coloured capsules designed to meet your needs. This includes the traditional gelatine and HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcelluslose) “Veggie” capsules.

Our full range of options provides both  flexibility for the technical requirements of the formulation and a colourful range for helping the patient differentiate medication and improve compliance.

All capsules are manufactured under rigorous quality standards. All gelatins and other polymers used are pharmaceutical grade and in full compliance with all pharmaceutical regulatory statutes and compliant with BSE prevention requirements.

Research shows that colour is the number one way that patients identify and remember their medication. You can help them with their compliance by choosing from the extensive range of colours available through Bella Corp. We offer you a range of colours and sizes to help you better connect with your patients and their safety needs.

The Coni-Snap capsule features a body with a tapered rim that allows more play between the two parts, reducing the risk of the two rims meeting and therefore eliminating the splitting phenomenon. Furthermore, the pre-lock design with six dimple-like notches reduces the chance of premature opening during both transportation and filling.